Chorus Thule Ode 301-379

Audax nimium qui freta primus
rate tam fragili perfida rapit

Brave    fool 
                        first man who
broke the spiteful sea    with wood
         Scratched Ocean     no set course
gambled life on inchthick boards
             With back to land    he trusted his soul 
to the toyful gust of wind

Thin   too thin the line 
between    paths of death   and life

Forefathers lived     in Golden Days
when crime lay hid     a world away
         Save what their native soil turned up
they knew no riches     lacked no wealth
       They consumed    domestic bliss alone
possessing no things 
                             had     everything. 

Not yet were constellations  known
      Stars that smudge the nighttime sky
still shone  for nothing   in man's wet eyes

No ship could hope to round Cape 
Horn     or slip through Lizard teeth
            Not yet did Plough guide   dry in heaven
or Pole star bear a name

Argo's helm first dared to cast
white canvas   to the billow winds
Dared to write them    laws
catching breaths in a single cloth
Tiphys        reefed the main in gale
in calm seas      clothed the sky with sails

Argo shackled different lands
lashed the deep    with oars
She turned a once    benign edge 
into fear    and fear of death

That tainted ship suffered a sea 
of pain     crushed by clashing cliffs
    The crush made Ocean rain that day
rain on the stars      even the clouds
Orpheus clammed      lyre jammed
Argo lost her voice

Then Scylla       barking bitch
too many heads      too much bite

Remember the sirens?    Lullaby fixers
Orpheus    near fixed them in song

What was it all for?

The Golden Fleece
and Medea | maiusque mari Medea malum
and Medea | merces prima digna carina
and Medea | 
                   they got what they deserved

Now the sea is beaten
it bends     to our every law
We don't need         the protection of the gods
we don't need         heroes  pulling oars
What "Argo"        any old boat will do

Every edge       has moved    cities 
build walls in new lands     individuals
build walls online     in bedrooms
The world      is full of noise
The world      never sleeps
it chokes on endless   information
The world      is open
Nothing is left   in its original place

A time will come   when the world    will be a city
building walls     in different lands
Space      will be ocean     chains ruptured by noise
Universe will stretch open     its vast blackness
twist into colour          The Moon   
will be a stone's throw       away