From The Open University's ARTS BLOG: Henry Stead, a PhD student in the Department of Classical Studies, has written a new translation of the ancient Roman play Medea that will be staged in Oxford, 15-19 February 2011.

A fast-paced and thrilling piece of devised physical theatre, this new version of Seneca’s Medea by Henry Stead and Helen Slaney will be performed by the international theatre company Omniprop Productions.

In this unmissable production, a rare opportunity to experience one of the tragedies of infamous Roman dramatist Seneca in live performance, the five-strong female cast take on the challenge of playing one of the most horrifying and formidable female protagonists in all of Western drama.

With this new translation by Henry Stead, this masterpiece of the Roman stage is catapulted into the modern world – an ancient text presented in refreshingly lucid verse.

“The ancient myth of betrayal, enchantment and murder takes confronting new form in Seneca’s Roman version, here refashioned into a passionate fusion of text, image, music and physical theatre. Global boundaries have been breached, and as Medea’s world collapses, unthinkable excess dissolves into unspeakable pain. Prepare to be engulfed…”